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“Heart Kids” benefit from Taupo bike ride

November 30, 2009 by  

Rob Devlin and Pete Healy rode in the Taupo Challenge round the lake relay on Saturday to raise some money for “Heart Kids”,  a charity for children with heart diseases.

Rob Devlin and Peter Healy at Taupo

Rob Devlin and Peter Healy at Taupo

The ride itself was an extraordinary event involving in excess of 11,000 participants.

It is organised with a military logistical precision – getting riders, bikes and gear to three change points around the lake

Commenting on ride, Pete Healy said, “The whole thing is quite a buzz to be part of, you more or less get dragged along by collective energy and slip-streams.”

“Rob and I did 80k each and I was so enthralled that I carried on and did an extra leg which took me up to about 112k!”, Pete said.

Pete and Rob agreed that they are now much fitter and wiser as a result of all the training and experience itself.

As well as riding for “Heart Kids” they hoped to win a spot prize for a two-man team with the combined age of over 112. Alas it wasn’t to be, but anyone still wanting to contribute to their effort is welcome to either contact Pete directly or via our Website contact form.

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