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Marist International English language novitiate transfers to New Zealand

March 3, 2012 by  

Due to unforeseen circumstances and at the direction of the Superior General, the Marist International English language Novitiate has been transferred from Fiji to New Zealand.

The transfer came about because into the first weeks of novitiate a number of significant problems, particularly in the area of health, arose for the non-Pacifican novices.

The Master of Novices, Fr Pat Breeze in conjunction with the novitiate staff, Superior General and General Council, judged these matters sufficiently serious that should the novitiate remain in Tutu it would be very difficult to attain the aims of the novitiate positively and effectively.

In consultation with the major superiors who had novices in the novitiate, the Superior General asked the New Zealand province was asked if it could provide, if necessary, a place for the English-speaking novices at short notice.

The provincial and council considered several options and in the end decided that the most realistic choice was the refurbished Maryknoll.

The decision to use Maryknoll was a difficult one, particularly because a new community was looking forward to occupying the refurbished premises.

While another option might have been available, the property is not owned by the Society, was somewhat “unknown” to the Society, and negotiating to rent the it would delay the progress of the novitiate.

Maryknoll has previously been used for novitiates and second-novitiates.

The novitiate, with novices: Tom Kuizer (Netherlands – Europe), Adrian O’Flynn, Matt Matt Gravatt, Brendan Jenke (New Zealand), Fr Pat Breeze, and Fr Chris Skinner (newly appointed assistant novice master) are now all at Maryknoll.

The novitiate at Tutu is continuing for the five Oceanian students. Fr Boniface Kevon is their Novice Master and Fr Fritz Arnold is assisting him.

There was discussion about moving all the novices to New Zealand but was not possible as a number have health issues which would preclude their getting the necessary visas.

Recently during a visit to Maryknoll a video was compiled on a mobile phone. It’s a bit jerky and at times there are issues with lighting. (Apologies.)

The sound is deliberately suppressed. To make up for the lack of commentary, the video

  • starts coming up the drive
  • goes in the front door
  • visits the dining room (long table)
  • shows the lounge
  • goes to the kitchen where is making lunch
  • calls past the old chapel, which is now a separate TV room (novitiate is using as a classroom)
  • goes into Pat Breeze’s room
  • walks down the outside balcony (which continues around outside of all the bedrooms with a view)
  • and concludes with a visit to the chapel

With the exception of the new chapel, the refurbished Maryknoll has a familiar look to it.

Once again apologies for all the things we are accustomed to with professional video, but hope that none the less, this gives you a sense of the place.

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